Takuya Kitagawa

Hear our Chief Data Officer give an overview of AI initiatives in Rakuten and get a glimpse of his vision for Rakuten's AI endeavours


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  • Data Science Consulting

    Rakuten’s data science consulting team helps a major brand to acquire the top spot in the Japanese consumer online market.

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  • Revolutionizing product catalog

    Rakuten revolutionizes its enormous product catalog by harnessing the power of AI.

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  • Rakuten Mobile Successes

    Data Science fuels world’s first fully virtualized cloud native mobile network, Rakuten Mobile.

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  • Cure cancer using AI

    Rakuten Institute of Technology collaborates with Rakuten Medical, Inc. to cure cancer using AI.

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  • Customer Insights

    Customer centricity and personalization forms the crux of Rakuten’s customer research group.

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  • Unlimited Space

    Rakuten’s big data technology meets design.

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The Future is Rakuten


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Empower the world by leveraging data to discover and realize hidden value.

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