Development Guides
Development of MiniApps is not rocket science! Here are some guides to help you.
Google Maps

It is possible to use the Google Maps JavaScript API in your MiniApp. However, there is some setup required if you wish to use Google's "Application restrictions" feature which restricts your API key from being used by other websites. You must add your MiniApp's URL to the list of allowed sites.


Find your MiniApp ID

  1. Navigate to your MiniApp page in the RAS Portal.
  2. Copy the value underneath "App ID"

Setup your MiniApp URL in Google's Cloud Console

  1. Open your project on Google's Cloud Console
  2. Navigate to "APIs and Services" > "Credentials".
  3. Find your API key under "API Keys" and click the edit button.
  4. Under "Application Restrictions", select "HTTP referrers" and then add the following two URLs (replacing MINI_APP_ID with the ID that you copied above):
    • https://mscheme.MINI_APP_ID/*

    • mscheme.MINI_APP_ID://*


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