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Development of MiniApps is not rocket science! Here are some guides to help you.
Rakuten Pay Online




The purpose of this documentation is to help anyone willing to integrate RPO (as in Rakuten Pay Online) as a solution for payment within a MiniApp. Typical use cases are e-commerce, monetization for games and subscriptions.


What is RPO

Rakuten Pay Online provides an API wrapped in a gateway (the API not being exposed to public) that is available to both Rakuten internal partners and external partners as long as they agree with the terms, conditions and contract provided by RPO representatives.

The minimum requirement is to request a sandbox account to RPO.

Urasaki, Tetsuaki is the commercial contact to establish a contract




Due to cross-origin resource sharing restrictions enforced by RPO, the RPO API cannot be hit from the browser using JavaScript. A proxy has to be deployed by the partner willing to use RPO to make the transaction on the behalf of the MiniApp.

User Interface

As of the day this page is redacted,  , there is no way to alter the UI of the RPO Gateway. The user will have to journey from the MiniApp to the Gateway then back to the MiniApp. The whole being hosted within the main view, redirected accordingly.



  1. A sandbox account provided by RPO after contacting their sales representative. At this point the MiniApp callback URL must be provided to RPO such as "mscheme.<miniAppID>://miniapp/index.html"
  2. Credentials to access Rakuten Studio to upload the MiniApp. The final redirection requires to be run in the actual environment
  3. A platform to deploy the proxy such as Azure


Example Implementation

E-Commerce Template

The E-Commerce Template is a template that allows clients to easily create an E-Commerce MiniApp (based on React). This template comes with RPO integration, so it can be used to understand one way of integrating RPO in a MiniApp. If you'd like to check out the source code of this template, please visit If you don't have access, please contact us and we'll provide you a zip file of the codebase.





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