Features for MiniApp developers
MiniApp features
Features are the common components that developers can use to build enrich their MiniApps. These are usually built into API or JS SDK to be integrated with MiniApps.

MiniApp Payment Gateway (MPG)

MiniApp Payment Gateway (MPG) is a convenient and easy-to-implement payment system that allows businesses to focus on their MiniApp development while MPG handles the payment and user data in the back end.
Utilize the MPG API with your MiniApp to provide registered end-users a smooth shopping experience while ensuring secure transactions.


Access Token


Our SDK supports an Access Token feature which allows MiniApps to access permitted APIs. MiniApp SDK provided an interface where the Host App can provide an Access Token to a MiniApp. For example with login (auto login), some MiniApps wish to utilize Access Token from login SDKs APIs, however the Host App does not allow full, open-ended access. In this case, the scope may be controlled utilizing an Access Token.




Our SDK supports a robust messaging feature that allows messages to be sent to a single contact, multiple contacts or via contact IDs assuming Contact List retrieval has been granted by the End User. Users can message friends to invite them to battles and events in Games. 

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