Our SDK supports a robust messaging feature that allows messages to be sent to a single contact, multiple contacts or via contact IDs after Contact List retrieval has been granted by the end user. Users can message friends to invite them to battles and events in Games.


User Flow: ( Visible to end-user)

  • Send to single contact

Messaging single contact


  • Send to ContactID

Messaging contactID


  • Send to Multiple contacts

Messaging multiple contacts


Feature and  Benefits for End Users:

  • Users can send text and image data 
  • Send the same message to multiple contacts with a single click
  • Invite friends to events, battles and more via Games


Feature and  Benefits for Business:

  • Eliminate Redundancy & Complexity
  • Data manipulation operations of contact details will be performed on the host app
  • MiniApp may only access contact list with permission to maintain security
  • Image data may be sent via Base64 encode format or URL


System Architecture:

Messaging system flow


Integrating User info:

Integration Steps:

End user must grant post access contact data list sharing permissions.

  1. The MiniApp SDK will handle a check to ensure permission has been previously granted. If permission was denied, the functions will not be called in your MiniApp. 
  2. Contact list data post permission is associated with a MiniAppCustomPermissionType, which you can find more about within the MiniApp JS SDK documentation here.


Developer Documentation:

For more information about messaging and other details, please check the technical documentation here

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