Business Case/Usage Scenario

This introduces the features of utilizing the MiniApp SDKs as well as Rakuten Services. With the Rakuten API, you can focus on your products to end users while Rakuten handles each transaction base for your product services or items.  In the case your business already has an established product site with backend, Rakuten provides a turnkey solution to integrate your service into the Rakuten Ecosystem and increase your user landscape and potential revenue. 

  • Ready-to-Go Miniapp Payment Gateway 
  • Customer payment option flexibility and high conversion rates (not sure if you want to add this or not)
  • Easy turnkey solution with built-in API/SDK JavaScript integration. 
  • Simple step-by-step process to integrate the Rakuten Ecosystem.


User Flow


Create a seamless shopping experience from browsing to purchase utilizing MiniApp Payment Gateway (MPG) 



End users will: 

  1. Browse your wares from the landing and item pages.
  2. Place their desired items into the cart. 
  3. Purchase quickly with their pre-registered Rakuten payment information.  
  4. Confirm their transaction and await their items 

Each transaction will be linked to a MPG transaction while the purchased status and transaction history are store in your service's backend.
For more details regarding MiniApp Payment Gateway(MPG) feature listing here. 


System Integration guide/Architecture


Frontend- Built by vendor utilizing html5 code for mobile web build by vendor building html5 code as a mobile web and integrate with exisitng CRM and OMS. 



Backend -  Integrate pre-build JS Bridge to access MPG thru API gateway.

Integration Steps: 

  1. Develop code on Rakuten App Studio (RAS) base with your original web HTML5 code
  2. Integrate MPG API and authentication SDK with purchase event
  3. Test UI flow and integration with test QR code (documentation) in the LINK app with your backend
  4. Submit build for release
  5. Review acceptance and publish

Integration Criteria: 

  1. Integrating with MPG API [For approved partners]
  2. Unique ID (optional) [Remember in cart items and preferences (need confirmation)]
  3. User ID and/or Profile Photo(optional) [See User Info for more information]
  4. Set screen orientation (optional)  [See Screen Orientation lock for more information]


Features API/SDK being used


  • MPG Introduction


MPG Development Guide


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